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JOHN 14:19: “…Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.”

RESURRECTION SUNDAY will be observed by more than a billion Believers who celebrate their conviction that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, has broken the power of death by His own Resurrection!

The basic reason for this annual celebration is: BECAUSE HE LIVES!

Because He lives, Resurrection Sunday is an occasion of celebration based on a CERTAINTY which in turn begets a CONFIDENCE!

The certainty is that this day proclaims a FACT: A foundational conviction apart from which everything else in the Christian faith is meaningless. In fact, the Apostle Paul said that if Christ has not risen, then our faith is in vain, futile…and we have no hope (I Corinthians 15:17).

But on the 3rd day following His crucifixion, death and burial, Jesus rose again according to His own prophecies that death could not hold Him. The New Testament records no less than a dozen instances of the Resurrected Christ being witnessed by people with whom He was present over a 40-day period following that first Easter morning.

Over the centuries, skeptics and doubters have made earnest searches for the verifiability of this historic phenomenon, since all vital faith rests upon it In other words, if the resurrection can be disproved, then Christianity sinks into oblivion.

But this TRUTH has stood the test of time, and not only have hosts of honest inquirers come to the acknowledgement of this reality, but millions have had such genuine, life-changing encounters with the Person of Jesus that they will simply affirm, in the words of that beloved hymn penned by Alfred Ackley: “…you ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.”

It is the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ that continues to stir human hearts and shape human destiny.

Increasing evidence in today’s scientific community continues to testify to the likelihood of life after death. What has long been a doctrine of the church seems to be gaining support in the scientific and medical communities as well. Christian HOPE does not end with ‘life after death.’ It continues with the CERTAINTY of WHERE we are going AFTER death, which is a much more important assurance than merely that a person will exist beyond this life.

Regardless that the concepts of heaven and hell have been distorted and muddied by myth, fable, legend and popular notion (witness so many of today’s TV and Hollywood-produced ‘imaginative’ misrepresentations and perversions of of Biblical Truth),  that unless one has a foundational teaching and grasp of that Biblical truth, what we are being presented with today is a complete fabrication and far cry from what is revealed in Scripture…and what we know and understand as truth about each.

Heaven is not a place…. ‘somewhere … out there… in the great blue expanse….’ filled with big white fluffy clouds where we will just float around playing little harps throughout eternity. Nor is hell just a really hot place ruled by some imp with horns and a pitchfork, dressed in a red suit.

Heaven is a place distinctly prepared for an eternally purposeful existence and experience in  the Presence of God!

But note this: Hell is NOT a place ever intended for mankind but it is the appointed place of every being who willfully rejects God’s Will and Way!… forever separated from God’s Presence. There’s no ‘praying you out of hell.’ None of your good works will lessen the judgment of your rejection of God’s greatest Gift to Humankind: the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Nothing will make your ‘stay’ in that place of judgment any easier nor lessen the torment. THE ONLY ESCAPE FROM HELL IS THE PERSONAL DECISION TO ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR OWN PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR!  It doesn’t matter what your momma and daddy believe or don’t believe. It doesn’t matter what your friends in school or work believe or don’t believe. It doesn’t matter what your husband, wife, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins or best friends believe. IT ONLY MATTERS WHAT YOU BELIEVE!


In light of His glorious Resurrection, Jesus has made the ultimate announcement of assurance to ALL who believe: BECAUSE I LIVE, YOU SHALL LIVE ALSO!

His eternal life is promised to anyone … to every ‘whosoever will’ … who follows Him, for Jesus is not only the example to live by in THIS lifetime, but He is the pathway into the future… for eternal life! And this confidence leads us to overcoming faith in this present life!

If Easter’s witness is true, then we are given a hope concerning not just the tomorrows of this week … but for Eternity itself!

HOPE: the Bible definition of HOPE is not some wishy-washy, timid declaration: “I sure hope so….” THE BIBLE DEFINITION OF HOPE IS “THE JOYFUL, CONFIDENT EXPECTATION OF THINGS TO COME!”

That HOPE engenders the FAITH that works in today’s life yet hold the PROMISE of FOREVER with the LORD Who rose from the dead on that first Easter morning.

BECAUSE HE LIVES, I SHALL LIVE ALSO! Hope for today… faith for eternity!

Have a BLESSED, JOYFUL RESURRECTION SUNDAY… AND live His LIFE in your life today and every day!

If you have not opened to His glorious promise of Eternal Life, you can do that right now! Pray this simple prayer out loud – you want to hear it with your own ears as a declaration of passing from death to LIFE:

Oh God, without Jesus I am lost. I don’t want to be lost. I want to be saved. I have been guilty of rejecting Jesus as my LORD and Savior. I ask that You forgive me.  I believe in my heart that Jesus was crucified for my sins and that You raised Him from the dead. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and save me now. Thank You, Jesus, for saving me. and with this prayer from my heart, I have passed from death to eternal Life! I am no longer a child of satan but a child of God. I have this assurance in accordance with Your Word (Romans 10:9-10). Jesus is now my Savior and You are my Father. From this day forward, I shall live for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

If you prayed that prayer, sincerely from your heart, you are now in the Kingdom of God… you have passed from death into eternal Life! and because He lives, you shall live also! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF GOD, the best Family in the World!